Wife Assault & Personality Disorder

Relationship between Borderline Personality Organization & cyclical wife abuse. Historical models of wife assault, three stages of cyclic abuse, abuser traits (anger, jealousy, victim-blaming, self-deception), experimental studies.

Although women do abuse men, by far the greatest proportion of abusive incidents are committed by males. Thus, what is often discussed as spouse abuse, is actually wife assault. According to Straus and Gelles (1990), at least 1.8 million women are battered by their husbands every year in the United States.

Regarding wife assault, Campbell and Lancaster (1994) refer to it as one of America’s major community health problems; this because of its greater prevalence than other forms of domestic or partner violence, its greater potential for homicide, its effects on children in the household, and its long-term emotional and physical consequences. In other words, understanding wife assault is imperative.