Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance

A review of Louis Gerstner’s book, `Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance, which is about his work with the business giant, IBM.

This paper examines Louis Gerstner’s book, Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance`, which chronicles the dramatic turnaround of business giant, IBM, under his capable hand. It looks at how, when Gerstner took over the company’s reins in 1993, it was on the brink of being sold off in parts and how, through his capable and determined vision, he changed the company’s culture to one that once again responded to the needs of the marketplace. It also discusses how Gerstner, indeed, demonstrates that a giant company like IBM can be rescued from the brink of extinction and respond to the ever-changing marketplace, proving, indeed, that elephants can dance.
`When Gerstner took over the reigns of IBM, they were faced with the challenge of providing mainframe computing to a marketplace that viewed the is a negative light. Competitors had created a climate where mainframe technology was seen as obsolete, expensive, or at best inaccessible. However, IBM new that their technology was reliable, powerful, and useful, and yet the company seemed unable to relay this to the company. It took Gerstner’s leadership to re-engineer the company, and return the customer to IBM through expanded service and software lines.`