Virgil’s Aenied

This paper discusses the roots of the author as well as the meaning and composition of the epic, Aenied by Virgil.

This paper discusses Virgil’s `Aeneid` that emphasizes and praises Roman ideals, honors Caesar Augustus, imitates the literary perfection displayed in Homer’s epics, and tells a story in the context of the Trojan war.

Table of Contents
The Author
The Origin of the Aeneid
The Aeneid
Roman Society
Born in 70 B.C. along the northern most boarders of the Italian peninsula, Publius Virgilius Maro was just another child in another poor Mantuan home. But unlike most other Romans of his social status, Publius received a well-rounded education, one that was accented heavily on philosophy and more importantly rhetoric (the main two subject in the ancient education.) As his skills developed and driven to continue his education, he moved south to the City to finish schooling.