U.S.-China Trade Relations

This paper discusses the political and economic issues in the growing U.S.-China trade relations.

This paper states that, because of the ideological differences, national security is a major political issue that troubles the U.S. government in allowing the proliferation and rapid investment in China by U.S. businesses. The paper points out that China’s large population and availability of cheap labor makes it attractive to outside businesses.
The author believes that, if China is to develop further, it must improve its core infrastructure.

Table of Contents
China’s Appeal for Multinational Corporations
Economic Assets and Problems
Businesses Likely to Succeed in the Short-run
More Insights

“Again, China’s inability to keep up with growing industrialization and as a result growing demand for resources such as electricity can result in a dampening effect on growth, if not addressed. Another consequence of China’s rapid economic growth has been severe environmental pollution and China now accounting for over 13% of the world’s carbon emissions. Failure to check this will lead to growing health care problems, which may add to the burden of providing for the weaker sections of society.”