The Romantic Poets Were Not Prophets

An argumentative paper about Romantic poets and how their poetry is viewed today.

An argumentative paper about romantic poets. The author argues that romantic poets were not prophets as most view them to be but rather writers who desired to share their passion and appreciation of nature with their readers. A look at the works of William Wordsworth and John Keats.
“The Romantic Period is characterized by a poet’s fascination and harmony with the natural world. Lines upon lines were devoted to the description, exultation, and mystery of nature, yet the readers of the third millennium occasionally view Romantic poetry as pretentious and capricious. While only a handful of Romantic poets believed themselves to be prophets, others like Wordsworth proclaimed themselves voices of the common man. Their intention was not to serve a higher power through their works of poetry, but instead they chose to describe natural beauty to an audience who might not have discovered the beauty for themselves. We can see through William Wordsworth and John Keats that most of the Romantics were not interested in being modern prophets; rather, they were merely sharing their passion for nature.”