The Original Fat Girl

Examining the concept of originality in “The Fat Girl”, by Andre Dubus.

The following essay shows how Andre Dubus in “The Fat Girl” depicts individuals that are forced to change their originality in order to attain social acceptance. The essay also reveals how absolute satisfaction lies in one’s own acceptance of one’s originality.
“Andre Dubus was born in the United States of America in 1936. An author of the late 20th century, Dubus was famous for his short stories. He was presented the Rea Award for the Short Story, the PEN / Malamud Award from the American Academy of Arts and the Letters Award for his noteworthy works of writing. The collected work of his short stories, Dancing After Hours, excelled and got him the recognition of being one of the distinguished psychological pragmatists amongst the contemporary authors of short fiction. He died in 1999, leaving among his annotated works, Dancing After Hours, The Doctor, The Fat Girl and Meditations from a Movable Chair.”