The Nazis and Anti-Semitism in Germany

This paper discusses the impact of the Nazi party on the formation of a new German ideology which expanded and took advantage of a developed environment of anti-Semitism.

The following paper looks at how and why the Germans chose to opt for the “final solution” against Jews in the Second World War. It discusses why average Germans became perpetrators of a genocidal policy. This paper also looks at how the ‘final solution’ was carried out during the war. Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, which itself evolved into Social Darwinism is made reference to in this paper with regards to what the Nazi’s formulated their monstrous ideas from.
“The Germans were not the first people to experience and participate in anti-Semitic thoughts and acts. Russians and Poles were famous for their pogroms; the Spanish for their inquisition; the history of the Diaspora of the Jews includes an unbroken continuity of persecutions, expulsions, and massacres. In fact, the times when the Jews were allowed to live in peace have been infrequent exceptions over the past 2000 years. However, analysis of the Nazi Final Solution must include the question of why an entire nation would follow a political ideology that encouraged murderous acts on an previously scale that went counter to the otherwise Christian ideals most Germans held as fundamental life structure.”