The Minneapolis Domestic Violence Experiment

Looks at both sides of the debate concerning the results of the Minneapolis Domestic Violence Experiment.

This paper presents a detailed examination of several questions about domestic violence. The writer of the paper explores mandatory arrests, victim?s questions, and the Minneapolis Domestic Violence Experiment to discuss the topic and solutions.
“The Minneapolis Domestic Violence Experiment (MDVE) has been critical in changing policy responses toward domestic violence.
The experiment tested the outcome of arresting assailants in domestic violence cases. The results of the experiment concluded that future violence was much less likely to occur when arrests were done. The experiment provided answers that had been questions for a long time regarding the actual impact being arrested had on domestic violence abusers. The experiments conclusions helped lead to many of the current mandatory arrest and mandatory prosecution laws that are in place throughout the nation today. When the experiment results were publicized, states and towns rushed to use them to underscore the importance of passing mandatory arrest and prosecution laws. Experts have lined up on both sides of this debate. Some argue that it was the only logical conclusion while others believe the study results should have been replicated before charging forward and acting on those results.”