Technology in the Airline Industry

An examination of the success of the new airlines like JetBlue and other smaller carriers due to the advancement in technology.

This report focuses on how newer, smaller, and more technologically advanced airlines like JetBlue are fulfilling their mission in providing outstanding customer service. Weaknesses in the airline industry have become more than apparent. Moving into the 21st century, commercial aviation has been in a steady decline. The paper shows that the major airlines might have felt as though the new, low-cost carriers were just a passing fad and that, by comparison, the major airlines would continue to offer a superior service. The papers shows, however, that smaller carriers such as JetBlue have demonstrated that they can operate more efficiently and be more cost-effective by having the latest technology in their business model, information and infrastructure systems, airplanes, and terminals.
“Furthermore, convenience has been declining of late; congestion and flight delays reached record levels before September 11, and the additional security measures now in place have added further difficulties for travelers. (Costa, Harned, & Lundquist, 2002) Through all of the current turmoil in the industry, smaller commercial carriers have become the epitome of success. Southwest and JetBlue for example have been consistently turning a profit and consumers have confirmed their support for the brand names.”