Team Work at Work

An analysis of the benefits of team-based organization systems.

This paper outlines the concept of team-based organization systems and how they benefit or do not benefit the management, labor unions, and the employees. The writer compares the organization/business to that of a political system and shows how the various team structures work with this theory. The paper concludes that organizations that follow the team-based system not only benefit from the managerial level, but also from the members level.
“Organizational structure plays a great role in determining the result of the desired output. During the 19th century, management theorists realized that employee productivity largely depended on the work process rather than the workers themselves. Factors like skills, environment, machineries and managers all were considered secondary to productivity. However, with the emergence of scientific management these factors came forward and management realized that they play critical role in achieving organizational goals. The reason being that organizations developed the socio-economic understanding of the employees as well as the psychological factors such as motivation, aspiration, personal goals and careers.”