Student Tracking

This paper argues against student tracking that sorts and separates students according to their learning ability.

This paper discusses several reasons given for the abolition of student tracking: Widens the gap between advantages and disadvantaged students, separates students by race and class and an inclusive classroom where every student learns from each other is better for students, socially and academically. The author points out that student tracking widens the gap between the higher and lower ability students because of a poorer curriculum.
“…These are the factors of an inclusive classroom. In this environment, students learn to work with each other and recognize each other’s differences. This is beneficial as a social skill that will be required in real life. At the same time, working with different people challenges individuals academically. Each student has various skills and these are different from those of others. Separating students based on advanced’ or not advanced fails to recognize the range of skills and abilities that could be present.