Sportswear Fashion

This paper discusses 1990s fashion trends, especially in men’s sportswear.

This paper discusses the movement to a casual, if not sloppy, style of dress, with popular sportswear plastered with the manufacturer’s name. The paper points out the importance of a new, manufactured cellulose fiber, Tencel lyocell, whose manufacturing process is non-polluting, and its application in popular active sportswear. The paper relates that the “Casual Friday” look has expanded to the whole week, although the suit has not disappear entirely from the workplace, but is often worn with a mock turtleneck or even a T-shirt instead of a dress shirt.
“The relaxed attitude toward dressing during the 1990s was evident in trends like see-through blouses for women. Business casual became widely accepted. Fashion and corporate logos merged. Designer names were everywhere. There were many who argued that the North American obsession with fashion, youth, and beauty had gone too far. Images of beauty were constantly thrust in front of us through billboards, TV, movies, and magazines. Most of these images had been computer-enhanced. A wide range of fashions was available – yet strangely, everything looked much the same.”