Six Flags, Inc.

An industry analysis of theme park operator, “Six Flags, Inc.”.

Currently, “Six Flags” is operating in almost all major metropolitan areas of the United States and is trying to increase its presence in the international market. The focus of this paper is on the current operations of “Six Flags” and the threats faced by the company from its existing direct as well as indirect competitors, new entrants in the market and an increase in power of suppliers and customers because of increased competition.
‘With the growth in the entertainment industry and increased demand for entertainment services, companies like Six Flags have benefited to a considerable level and have rapidly expanded their operations worldwide. However, with the growth in industry the level of competition has also increased. Entrance of new players in the market and availability of numerous substitutes has made it difficult for the company to remain profitable and effectively compete in the market. Although, the direct competitors of the company are only theme or water park operating companies but several other indirect competitors are also competing with Six Flags, as they are serving the same generic need of the customer i.e. the need for pleasure and entertainment.’