Sidney Sheldon

This paper discusses the well-known author Sidney Sheldon and his work.

This paper introduces, discusses, and analyzes the author Sidney Sheldon. Specifically, it looks at how he works, his novels, his future works and examines the plots and characters he uses. The author shows how Sheldon’s work has been banned, panned, and applauded.
Sheldon has completed 17 novels since he began writing them in 1969. His first novel, The Naked Face, won an Edgar Allen Poe mystery writers award. Some conservative religious groups have banned his later novels for sexual content, but readers all over the world keep buying his books. All this from a man who never formally studied creative writing, whose parents dropped out of school at the third grade, and whose father bragged about never reading a book in his life. Certainly, his background does not lend itself to writing, and yet, Sheldon has spent over 60 years of his life writing screenplays, musicals for Broadway, TV scripts, and novels, and now in his 80s, he shows no signs of slowing down.