A discussion of the controversial website and whether it should be posted on search engines.

This paper argues whether, a website which portrays pictures of people’s faces blown up by a shotgun, brains scattered on a street and a horrible nudity scene should be allowed access by all on the web. It discusses the negative criticism that receives, as well as it’s few positive virtues. It concludes by stating that due to the first amendment, freedom of speech, the website has a right to exist and it is solely the responsibility of parents and teachers to prevent children from accessing it.
“Another picture of a motorcycle accident shows a man laying face down and his scalp torn open with his brain scattered on the floor. These pictures might be too gory to be shown on the Internet. People might say, “Why must they post these pictures on” These pictures are posted up for many reasons. One, it shows what can happen if a person does not wear a helmet. After viewing pictures of a man with no face and brains scattered on the street it might convince viewers to wear a helmet so it would not happen to them. This is an example of how it makes people more sensitive to life rather less sensitive.”