Review of The Metamorphosis

Summary and review of Franz Kafka’s famous short novel, The Metamorphosis.

This paper introduces, discusses, and analyzes the short novel, The Metamorphosis. Specifically, the paper explains the theme of the anti-hero in the story.
In this story, Gregor Samsa is a pathetic character, the opposite of what we usually think of as a hero, which is what makes him a good anti-hero, which is exactly the opposite of the handsome and witty heroes who fill so many novels. Gregor is a grown man who cannot escape his family. He wakes up one morning and discovers he has somehow turned into a giant bug. Before, he was a traveling salesman, and he hated the job, but now, he cannot work to support his family, and he becomes absolutely dependent on them. There are many themes woven throughout this novel, and one of them is the isolation and neglect Gregor faces from his family. He is a metaphor for anyone who is oppressed by their job, while they are alienated from their work, family, and themselves. His family leaves him alone once he changes into a bug, and he is terribly lonely.