Racism & Politicization of African-Americans

Examines bias in housing, education & employment, effects on political attitudes & behavior of blacks, deracialization as campaign strategy, grass-roots activism.

The political socialization of African-Americans begins with race. American society is becoming less discriminatory but discrimination exists on a wide plane of issues. Discriminatory practices need to be solved at the local, state, and federal governmental levels. To do this requires political socialization of the electorate. The developmental form that African-American political socialization and action employs has changed over time. The current trend in electorial politics, for African-American politicians, is to deracialize the campaign on the theory that white voters are more amenable to black politician who sound like themselves. Race is important because it has economic potential. This economic potential of Black Americans can be maximized or minimized in American life, depending on the political strategy which African-Americans pursue.