Police Pursuits

Examines the impact of police pursuits on society.

Law enforcement officials, as well as other agencies, have begun to examine the impact of police pursuits on society at large, the officer, and the offender. This paper examines whether we can justify the need for high-speed chases to catch a speeder or car thief as essay writer toronto, too often, the result is a fatality to an innocent victim who happens to be in the line of pursuit.
“Pursuits are a necessary evil; in order to protect society and the officer, there needs to be more public awareness of the issues involved in trying to escape or flee the scene of a crime. Public safety advocates would argue that there are no circumstances that merit putting a human life in danger. Unfortunately, if you are the victim of a crime, your attitude might be different about doing whatever it takes to apprehend the offender. If laws were enacted that would discourage this behavior, pursuits would not be as necessary as they are today. In all cases, human life is jeopardized and casualties are a great possibility.”