O’Henry’s The Last Leaf

An analysis of the writing style of O’Henry, with a focus on his work, The Last Leaf.

The paper provides an introduction to William Sydney Porter, a writer who was famous by his other name, O. Henry. The paper describes his style of the positive short story with a surprise ending, and focuses on his story, The Last Leaf. The paper notes that although O. Henry wrote such heartwarming stories that gave people hope in human nature, he did not seem to have much happiness within himself.
Porter started out in Texas working at a friends ranch and but soon he married and moved to Austin He became a bank clerk, started a humor weekly that failed and had a daughter. Things took a tragic turn when he was falsely accused of embezzlement but instead of staying…he ran away to Honduras. While away, his wife became very ill with consumption. This is probably why he came back. He did stand trial for the charges and was sent to a prison in Ohio. One wonders if he had not been incarcerated would he have started writing short stories? In a closed room of a prison cell, one has a lot of time to think, and a lot of time to write. This imprisonment was probably the thing that turned his life around. When he got out of prison he changed his name to O. Henry and moved to New York. He wrote prolifically, a story a week and was soon one of the countries most widely read.