Nutrition and Physical Fitness

Provides an overall definition of physical fitness that is not limited to the concept of achieving one’s ideal weight.

This paper talks about the importance of proper nutrition in the physical fitness formula. The paper points out that the current and long-lasting trend in physical fitness, which places strong emphasis on what not to eat in order to achieve a desired weight, will not lead to true physical well-being. The paper talks about the importance of proper nutrition and how it relates to physical fitness and highlights the different components of good nutrition.
In today’s cultural climate, especially in popular print and television media, most of the discourse on the topic of diet, is focused on the concepts of exclusion. In fact, some might argue that this narrow collective attention on what must be eliminated from diet, stems, not from the value of health and optimum physical performance, but from the specific and limited goal of weight loss to the exclusion of all else. Although there can be little doubt that the current national obesity epidemic is a serious problem, exclusive focus on negative diet discourse, i.e. Stop eating that!? causes considerable confusion about just what one should eat to ensure total physical fitness. After all, optimum weight is only one component of overall health and wellness.”