NAFTA in Argentina

Examines whether it is a wise economic move to expand the NAFTA agreement to include Argentina.

Looking at the question of whether or not it is wise to admit Argentina into NAFTA, then, depends largely on what side of the coin one likes to look at. On an economic basis, there is some compelling logic that makes such a deal attractive. On a practical level, however, there are problems with the implementation of the NAFTA agreement. Bringing more countries into the foray simply adds more chefs to an already crowded kitchen. In the end, the proper course of action largely depends on the ultimate objectives of the agreement. If NAFTA is a stepping stone to increased multilateral trade consistent with the provisions of the WTO, then we should applaud the entry of Argentina into the mix. If, however, NAFTA is a move towards increased regionalization at the expense of broad multilateral trade, then it should be dissuaded.