Multiple Sclerosis or MS

Provides a description of MS and discusses the treatment and projected outcome of its victims.

This paper examines the specific needs of patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) and includes a description of the disease, its treatment and the projected outcome. The paper examines the specific needs of patients with MS, the description of the disease, treatment, and the projected outcome. The paper shows how MS sufferers can, with treatment of the body and the mind, live out their lives doing their best to control the symptoms and the disease itself. The paper does note, however, that the disease can make life unbearable for the sufferer, and helping patients to cope is, perhaps, the hardest part of treatment and in many ways the most overlooked by the primary care physicians.
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“MS begins, in its early phase, with an inflammation of the brain accompanied by minor and milder neurological symptoms that appear and disappear. During the first ten years of the disease, these symptoms may increase in intensity, but only slightly. In the second phase of the disease, what is called the secondary progressive phase, the first of the chronic disabling symptoms appear and become increasingly intense as the atrophy of the brain progresses. Some MS sufferers experience a relapsing form of MS, while most experience the chronic, constant form. Bladder problems (eg, failure to store, failure to empty, dyssynergia) and sexual dysfunction, fatigue, pain, and mood disorders, may occur in most MS patients, particularly those with lower-limb spasticity (Halper, 2002).”