Mrs. Miller is the protagonist in this story, and the antagonist in this story is a girl named Miriam. I feel like this is a character vs. character, or even possibly a character vs, self situation. I think that this could be a character vs. self because this could be happening in Mrs. Miller’s mind. That explains to why Miriam keeps vanishing everytime. When the man had to tell Mrs. Miller that there was no one there, I can see why this kind of thing could happen. For example, Mrs. Miller was so lonely with no one to talk to, that she made up a whole new type of character in her mind, which had been Miriam, with her human-like feature and characteristics, it was hard to see if she was a figment of imagination in Mrs. Miller’s mind, or if she was a true person that did exist.

Mrs. Miller: A widow who lives alone in her quiet apartment until a little girl keeps showing up. She has a canary named Tommy, and does not get out farther than the nearby corner store. By the time she helps a girl named Miriam, she wont stop visiting her. She is a strong-wild kind of person, but with a gentle and kind heart.

Miriam: A spoiled and rude child that comes to visit Mrs. Miller everyday. When she comes, she always has something with her, whether it is a box, or a doll, it is with her. She usually wears unusual clothing, like a silk dress for example. During winter even.

Neighbors that live upstairs: These people help sooth Mrs. Miller after telling them the story of Miriam and how she wouldn’t leave her house. They have nice and warm hearts to help others in need. The woman had helped her calm down and wash her face. With her soothing voice, it helped Mrs. Miller relax. The man had gone to her apartment to straighten out the girl, but he couldn’t find any trace or anything that was left behind.