Mcdonald’s Value Chain

An outline of the strengths and weaknesses of McDonald’s value chain system.

This paper attributes the success of the McDonald’s burger chain to its effective supply chain with respect to its company outlay and services. It examines how McDonald’s has been able to deploy its chain of command effectively because its infrastructure choice and how the value chain in the different countries is based on the franchise relationship. It looks at the effective resource management and technology developments implemented within the company as well as procurement and how they are all instrumental in the success of the company.
`McDonald’s Jack Greenberg took charge of the crucial task of turning the company around to meet customer demands. One of the first steps that he proposed had been to change the process of manufacturing and logistics. This had been done with the view to increase efficiency of the supply chain in terms of capacity, technology selection and buying policies. This have been able to decrease the constraints within the industry. This system has been effective because it has been able to optimize the need of the company, fulfilling the work time constraints at the various outlets. The change in process of manufacturing required training as well.`