Maltese Homes – Rooms and their Symbolic Meanings.

A look at the symbolic meaning behind the architecture of rooms in the Maltese culture as a reflection of their image.

An analysis of the Maltese home as a reflection of the image of the people. The author investigates the symbolic meaning of the rooms, how they are built and decorated to explain the Maltese culture.
“Definition of the image and meaning of the house can help explain the differences between cultures: Homes are a reflection of its inhabitants and collectively they can form the image of a people. The Maltese home is the center of life for many a housewife. The concept and application of women’s emancipation have still to make an impact on a large number of the women in Malta, many of who still feel that the main purpose in her life is to provide a good home for the requisite husband and 2.4 children. The Maltese housewife is still, as a rule, the queen of her castle and woe betide anyone who may sully her doorstep!”