Louisina Water

Discusses the problem of drinking water being polluted and the steps needed to change this trend, focusing on the situation in Louisina state.

This paper addresses the environmental and health concerns that one’s drinking water is polluted due to the fact that the water source has pollutants being pumped into it by factories and the like. Using the situation in Louisiana as an example, this paper examines these problems and explains what is being done by the authorities in Louisiana to reverse this trend.
Although clean water is essential to human health as well as to the health of the plants and animals with which we share our world water quality is often far below what it should be. The reasons for this are complex, but are almost always based in the fact that water is in many ways a shared resource, with pollutants flowing easily from one place to another. Because water is such an efficient solvent, it can dissolve and carry with it a number of substances that can well prove harmful to our health and that should therefore be carefully monitored and eliminated whenever possible.