Juvenile Periodontitis

Detection of dental bone loss, causes & effects, diagnosis, complications, treatment.

The early detection and treatment of juvenile, or early-onset, periodontitis is a significant concern for practicing dentists. Prevalence of periodontitis in children and adolescents is considerably lower than in adult populations but its extent is still under study. Epidemiological studies vary widely, from 1.0/1000 to 8.0/1000, but variations seem to be due to differences in diagnostic methods and criteria (1:57; 4:368). As Neely notes, useful screening methods are still a matter of considerable debate (4:367). Distinctive populations also present the disease at higher rates (e.g., geographically distinct groups or periodontitis associated with systemic disease). There are also considerable differences in the definition of the disease and the term juvenile periodontitis sometimes refers simply to the localized form of the disease (2)….