Jewish History

Historical account of the Jewish people beginning with the age of patriarchs.

This paper traces the history of the Jewish people from the age of the patriarchs to when Abraham and his descendants were selected as the chosen people and to the nomadic period after the Jewish exodus from Egypt. The paper goes on to discuss the time that the Jewish people came to and lived in Israel after the exodus from Egypt, the time of King Solomon, the exile of the Jewish people from Israel, and the life of the Jewish people under Persian, Greek, and Roman rule. The paper concludes the historical account at the period just after the Romans crucified Jesus.
“The Hebrews do not actually appear in history until about 1224-1211 B.C.E. during the reign of Marniptah, king of Egypt (Ancient pg). Marniptah was the son of Raamses I, 1290-1223 B.CE, who is thought to be the kind of Egypt at the time of the Hebrew exodus (Ancient pg). In an account of Marniptah’s military campaign in Asia, 1220 B.C.E., inscribed in granite is listed all the conquered peoples including the Israelites, who are mentioned as now living in Canaan (Ancient pg). Before this, the only history is that which was written by the Hebrews themselves who trace their origins to a single individual, Abraham, who comes originally from Mesopotamia (Ancient pg). This pre-Egyptian Hebrew history is referred to as the age of the patriarchs, which means father-ruler (Ancient pg). More than a thousand years had passed before this era of history was written down, and although it is impossible to date, most scholars place it somewhere between 1950-1500 B.C.E. (Ancient pg).”