Insurance Fraud

An in-depth insight into insurance fraud, what it is, and what measures can be taken to prevent it.

This paper attempts to identify the different types of insurance fraud perpetrated today and to evaluate their effect on the insurance industry and society at large. After tax evasion, insurance fraud is considered the highest-ranked among white-collar crimes. It provides a history of insurance, examines in detail the main types of insurance frauds currently around and discusses the measures that can be taken to help prevent and reduce the number of fraudulent claims.

Table of contents:
History of Insurance
Insurance Fraud
How Insurance Frauds Affect Society
Classification of Fraud by Insurance Companies
Insurance Fraud Status as a Crime
Types of Insurance Frauds
Staged Auto Accidents
Health Insurance Fraud by Individuals and Corporations
Workers’ Compensation Fraud
Property/ Casualty Insurance Fraud
Agent Fraud
Fake and Real Deaths to Collect Life Insurance Money
Identity Fraud
Efforts to Reduce Insurance Fraud
One of the most famous insurance providers in the world today, Lloyd’s of London came into existence in 1688. Edward Lloyd owned a coffeehouse in London where merchants and bankers evaluated the risk of the maritime operations of seafaring vessels used for trading among the various British colonies and those used for prospecting new lands. Financiers for the expensive endeavors and trips to far off lands invested huge amounts of money in the hope that the voyages would be successful. Ship captains required money for supplies and goods, and would offer to embark on these dangerous trips with the help of these financiers a potentially, mutually beneficial endeavor.