Industrialization in A Christmas Carol

This paper introduces, discusses and analyzes the book “A Christmas Carol,” by Charles Dickens.

This paper analyzes Dickens’ famous novel and looks at how it describes the changing society of Victorian England. It specifically looks at the reality of industrialization and urbanization and how it is used as a backdrop theme in the novel.
Charles Dickens wrote this enduring classic in 1843. It was a time of economic depression in Europe, and famine in Ireland. At the time, celebrating Christmas was just coming into fashion again. The Puritans banned Christmas celebrations in the mid 1600s, and by the time Dickens wrote the book, Christmas was being celebrated again, but mainly by the gentry, the old country families such as the Wardles in Dickens The Pickwick Papers, but the new industrial, urban population resulting from the Industrial Revolution would not have had Christmas traditions (Glancy 58).