Homelessness in America

A discussion of certain stereotypes and misjudgments made about homeless people in America.

This paper examines several false stereotypes that the American public maintains concerning the homeless population across the country. Unemployment, physical and emotional abuse, disasters or accidents are discussed as causes of homelessness. Also examined are several governmental organizations appointed to deal with the homeless population. While the statistics continue to mount against homeless people, the reasons that Americans seem to pretend not to notice how grave the situation actually is, are detailed.
“Many Americans today have several preconceived notions about who homeless people are and why they are homeless. People find that dismissing the homeless as degenerates and bums is easier than realizing that they could possibly be at risk of becoming homeless themselves. America is also in denial about the plague of homelessness that has settled on our nation. Because of attitudes like these, the continually growing problem of homelessness in our country is, for the most part, ignored or believed to be irreparable. The people of America should eliminate the many stereotypes that exist about the homeless population in the country and understand that the problem of homelessness can be helped despite its presumable hopelessness.”