Hemispheric Dominance

Review of an experiment designed to test the comprehension capabilities of the right hemisphere of the brain.

This paper is about a study designed to determine whether a particular patient’s right hemisphere can comprehend number words in the range of one to ten.
The study of the brain and how it functions is a relatively new area of interest. The field of psycholinguistics attempts to explain how the human mind has the capability to comprehend, produce and acquire language skills. There are a plethora of studies indicating the right and left hemispheres of the brain serve different functions. It is not always clear that the two can be differentiated by function or that certain functions are restricted to particular parts of the brain. Attempting to explore the idea of whether the normal right hemispheres can understand visually-presented number words in the range one to ten can be a difficult problem, given the belief that the left hemisphere is the logical hemisphere and is involved in speech, reading, and writing.