Hemingway’s Heroes

An examination of Hemingway’s characters in two famous novels: `In Our Time` and `A Farewell to Arms`.

A paper about two of Hemingway’s works. The author analyzes Hemingway’s `In Our Time` and `A Farewell to Arms`. A detailed look at the characters of the novels and the main themes.
`If ever art mirrored life, it was never so evident as in the works of Ernest Hemingway. One of the most celebrated and criticized authors in American history, Hemingway created a style of writing all his own. With his character Nick Adams in In Our Time, he would create the foundation, if not the cornerstone, for Frederick Henry in A Farewell to Arms. But Hemingway’s characters, though similar, would in both stories be portrayed with the same flaws, flaws that hindered Hemingway from progressing as a writer.`