Guns and Dolls

An analysis of the essay “Guns and Dolls” by Laura Shapiro which examines the causes of behavioral difference in boys and girls.

This paper introduces, discusses and analyzes the essay “Guns and Dolls,” by Laura Shapiro in which she cites evidence from scientific studies and reports on the differences between boys and girls and what causes them. The paper uses three different quotes from the article that express the idea that the differences between girls and boys are learned (social), rather than innate (biological), and explain why each quote was chosen.
“Harvard professor of psychology Jerome Kagan explains, “‘If, in our society, nature stands for the giving of life, nurturance, help affection, then the girl will conclude unconsciously that those are the qualities she should strive to attain. And the boy won’t. And that’s exactly what happens'” (Shapiro). Here the professor concludes because boys do not bear and raise children, they simply do not have or learn the same qualities that girls do. He contends girls learn early on they are the nurturers and caregivers, and understand they are different from boys. Kagan has studied young children for 35 years.”