Good and Evil in The Faerie Queene

This paper discusses the concepts of good and evil in Edward Spenser’s epic novel, The Faerie Queene.

The paper discusses that together the House of Holiness and the House of Pride, good and evil, in Edward Spenser’s epic novel, “The Faerie Queene” contribute to the moral growth of every man. The author feels that Spenser, through his writings, seems to seek to encourage us to bypass the poem’s romantic indulgences and to seek out the poem’s allegorical significance instead.
“The Faerie Queen’s subjects in Faeryland are human beings, and endure the uncertainties and vicissitudes that people undergo in the ordinary, everyday world thereby, allowing the readers to relate themselves to the characters in the novel. Faeryland is inhabited by both the good and the bad. There are knights who love and seek out the Faery Queen throughout the poem and there are bad creatures, people and monsters that represent various vices, evils and temptations.”