George Washington’s Marriage

Examines the relationship between the first President of the U.S.A and his wife, Martha.

This paper discusses the marriage of George Washington and his spouse, Martha Washington. It discusses the reasons behind the marriage, the relationship they shared, and the President’s relationship with another woman, Sally Fairfax. The paper also discusses Martha Washington’s role as the first First Lady and the difficulty she had in fulfilling this role.
There has been much speculation through the years concerning George and Sally’s relationship. Many believe that the relationship was a life long love affair between the two, however, others such as historian James Thomas Flexner, believe George did not commit adultery (Eady 1984). According to Flexner, who researched letters and documented the relationship, There’s no reason to suppose an affair between them in the real sense of the word “Sally was the wife of George’s best friend, Will Fairfax and some years older than George he became and her admire and disciple (Eady 1984). However, Flexner says that there is no denying that Washington was sexually attracted to Sally …”