Food and Drink in Ancient Rome

An in-depth look at the eating habits and dietary make-up of the ancient Romans.

This dissertation discusses the culinary and food habits of the ancient Romans, with special emphasis on the history of wine, olives and olive oil, and bread and baking. The paper also examines typical recipes that provided for the early Roman cuisine. It includes numerous photographs, illustrations, and archaeological findings.
“As the flour milling techniques became more refined, the Romans began to produce top quality bread by singly finely milled wheat flour. This flour was called siligo. The bread that came from it was called Panis Siligineus. The first word means bread in Latin; the second denotes the type of grain from which the bread was made. There was another type of bread that could be considered an Egyptian import. This was called Alexandrian bread due to the crust that was created in Alexandria from local wheat. (, 2001)”