Flyer Analysis

Commentary on Flyer

I have decided to create a flyer aimed at those who play the video game series ???Portal???. It is aimed at both male and females aged 16 and over while trying to persuade them to purchase the ???Portal Gun???. To do this, I have featured advertisement techniques, such as abstract nouns, exclamatives and imperatives.
The slogan that I have decided to use is ???Start thinking with portals!??? I used this to create an element of interest to the reader as this slogan is one of the first things that the reader sees, so I used the word ???Start??? to directly address the reader so that they would read on. I have also made this a superlative to target to the younger age bracket so it challenges them to ???Start thinking with portals!??? as the younger readers would want to oblige with the superlative as they would be tested.
I have added a power of 3 in a triplet of short sentences to add a more rhythmic feeling to the text. Also by capitalising the sentences it is notable to the audience, so it gives a command look and feel to the text, making them want to follow the instructions stated, by purchasing the product.
I have used the exclamative idiom ???Or your money back!??? to give a better sense of an advertisement and to reassure the reader that there is a returns policy although because there is this on the flyer suggests that the item is not worth the money that they are buying it for but to argue against that because it is an exclamative it would encourage the reader that it is certain.
I have added the price and an offer, to add trustworthiness to the flyer, by stating that you pay ????299.99??? you get something for free. This encourages the reader to purchase the item as they are getting something for free. Additionally by capitalizing the ???FREE??? and by using the exclamative, it stands out and the audience wants to know more. Furthermore the image that I used of the woman enjoying the free gift would give the impression that by buying the item the reader would also feel like this; because the woman is enthusiastic over the gift it adds a sense of confidence to all ages.
I indicated that there are ???2 stylish colours??? and by saying the adjective ???stylish??? it gives the impression that the item has class. And by having 2 colours it appeals to a wider audience as I have used the colours that are generally associated with each gender it would appeal to both a male and female audience and generalise more interest.
I have used the adjective ???wonderful??? to make the reader believe that the item is amazing and that it is an astonishing piece of equipment.
So overall my flyer is very effective in terms of presentation. This is because the front cover is eye-catching and it seems to look official through the logo used as well as the contact details and the title. Overall I believe that this flyer is a success.