This paper presents a detailed discussion about fingerprints, focusing on its foundation, its journey through the American Justice system and the future of fingerprinting.

The following paper discusses the history of fingerprinting as well as how it is done. In addition the recent challenging of fingerprinting as evidence in criminal cases is discussed. The writer examines several tools that are used in the field of fingerprinting, the most recent developments of fingerprinting tools and innovative techniques that have been been developed for fingerprinting.
“Whenever there is a well-known criminal case the nation watches, glued to their seats to find out who did it. In addition one can turn their televisions on during any given night and locate a detective show. People are fascinated with solving crimes. They will read about it, debate the pertinent points, and draw their conclusions. Then they wait either until the end of the hour long show or till the end of the real life trial to see how close they came to being right. The world knows that fingerprints were involved, but the world doesn’t get to see the tools used in the process, or the types of fingerprinting that is done. It is an interesting an scientific field in which many draw conclusions but few actually know about how it is done.”