Fern Hill

A literary analysis of the poem, “Fern Hill”, by Dylan Thomas.

This paper presents a brief review of Dylan Thomas’s poem, Fern Hill. The poem revolves around the theme of time and how each one of us is a victim of this mighty force. The writer includes some commentary on direct quotes from the poem and explains why many think this is Thomas’s best poem.
“Dylan recognizes and acknowledges the power and might of Time from the very beginning of the poem, and all his verses indicate certain submissiveness to this mighty force. Instead of resisting Time or its influence, the poet accepts its perpetual presence and acknowledges its impact on one’s life. And this is clear from various lines where the poet mentions that it was with the permission and mercy of Time, that he enjoyed his childhood days. ?Thomas from his opening words declares himself, in insistent hindsight, to have been all the while in the thrall of a powerful personified Time: As I was young, occurring in three of the poem’s six verses, is on each occasion subordinate to an instance of Time’s mastery over the speaker.”