Effective E-branding Format for Small Business Firms

An analysis of e-commerce and the future of small businesses.

This paper discusses the changing face of the economy due to the constant advances made in technology. E-commerce and online marketing are described. The focus of the paper is on the small business that might make use of the internet for various purposes, but does not necessarily have enough capital to use it to project major online promotions. This paper aims to find out how small businesses, part of them that already entered the online business, apply the methods discussed in giving their sites a task to build their image and brand online.
“E-commerce is projected to replace the traditional trading system in the coming years. The rapid technological change had boosted the trading process and increased opportunities to reach potential new markets all over the world in seconds of connection. More than 150 million users were expected to turn to the internet as the primary resource to find information daily in 2002 (Riddle, 2001). For business firms, it would be a major challenge to advance their marketing planning and build their brand in the new medium, online.”