Economic Equality

Compares the writings of three different feminists concerning their views on economic inequality for women.

This paper reviews three articles by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Betty Friedan, and Susan Faludi. The paper summarizes and compares their views on what causes the lower status of women in society.
“A reading of three articles by three influential feminists” Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Betty Friedan and Susan Faludi is a virtual tour of feminist thought for the past century. The thesis that might initially be derived from reading all three writers is that women are accorded lower status because they don’t earn as much money as men. But reading just the second paragraph in Gilman’s work reveals that she believes the obverse to be true: women don’t earn as much money as men because they are accorded a lower societal status. While there are economic changes that could be made and would certainly be of benefit to women, Gilman wastes no time in proposing that it isn’t economics holding women’s status down, but the perceived status of women before the first dollar is paid that is holding women’s economics down.”