Eating for Health

A discussion of safe weight loss versus fad dieting.

This paper explores the need for safe weight loss and healthy eating as opposed to the fad diets often featured on television, in newspapers and in magazines. It compares and contrasts two different weight-loss strategies with two different approaches to reducing diets -the diet plans devised by Dr Robert Atkins, which focus on reducing carbohydrate intake and the programs devised by diet gurus such as Dr Dean Ornish in the USA and Rosemary Conley in the UK, which focus on an ultra-low fat intake as the best way to lose weight. It examines the evidence for and against these approaches to reduction dieting as opposed to the myriad of fad diets available such as diet pills and drinks.
“The diet industry globally makes millions of dollars each year. Brands such as Slim-Fast, Slimmers World and Weight Watchers are household names throughout the world and a new diet craze surfaces every few months, helped along by media coverage and the cult of celebrity as A-list stars and lesser mortals in the public eye rush to promote themselves as perfect beings with lifestyles worth emulating. The latest figures published by the US government show a rising incidence of weight problems in the USA with 31 per cent of adults now classed as obese, along with almost 15 per cent of those aged between six and 19, plus 10 per cent of preschool children.”