Don’t Breathe the Air

Analysis of Amanda Spakes’ article `Don’t Breathe the Air which focuses on the dangers of air pollution to human health.

This is a summary/reaction to an article featured in U.S. News and World Report and written by Amanda Spakes. The summary portion of this paper identifies the thesis of Spakes’ article and highlights the main ideas. This paper then summarizes these main points, and uses direct quotes to give further emphasis. The reaction portion of this paper touches on the relevance of the information presented, the currency of the information, the credibility of the author, the objectivity of the publisher and author, and the quality of evidence presented.
In the recent article Don’t Breathe the Air featured in U.S. News and World Report, author Amanda Spake draws the attention of her readers to the international issue of air pollution. Spake presents evidence which seems to make apparent the harmful effects which air pollution has on health, focusing especially on the pollutant known as ozone. She focuses on several aspects of air pollutants in particular; focusing mostly on the causes of air pollution, the health risks of air pollution, and possible ways in which air pollution levels can be alleviated.`