David Glasgow Farragut

Life & career of U.S. Navy’s first rear admiral & hero of Civil War.

David Glasgow Farragut (b. 1801) was the United States Navy’s first rear admiral. By his death in 1870, Farragut was America’s first four-star admiral. It was a rank created especially to honor one of the Union’s great heroes of the Civil War. Farragut was a career Navy officer of relatively undistinguished merit most of his life, sixty years old at the war’s outbreak. By the same token, he was a professional in the art of war, in a conflict where the majority of its officers – North and South – were something else. That something else could be good – talented professionals in related fields – but was often the opposite: unqualified men whose rank was obtained via political connections. In such a situation, personal bravery and stupendous tactical errors frequently characterized the field of war. David Farragut distinguished himself as a man of