Collective Irresponsibility

Examination of the article “Bystanders to Genocide”, in which investigative reporter, Samantha Power, exposes the failure of the U.S. Government to take any action in opposing the mass killings that occurred in Rwanda in 1994.

This paper discusses the sources and documentation exposed by Power during her investigation whereby she claims that many top-rank authorities knew what was happening in Rwanda, but nobody tried to put an end to it. The writer shows how Power asks whether the reasons were political or military or simple lack of concern for the African continent.
“Through the examination of recently declassified documents and interviews with dozens of US officials, and others in decision making positions, Power finds American foreign policy guilty of deliberately “standing by” and allowing the Hutu extremists to systematically cleanse Rwanda of its Tutsi minority. Yet, despite the detailed analysis of this particular atrocity, the overriding impression created by the article, is of the isolationist and dehumanized nature of US foreign policy, and of the unwillingness of American government to intervene in any situation that does not encroach upon their national interests.”