Chretien De Troyes’ Lancelot: The Knight of the Cart.

This paper presents a characterization of the Knight of the Cart – Lancelot, from De Troyes’ work.

This paper comprises a character study of the protagonist in de Troyes’ work. It examines the paradox evident in Lancelot’s character – how Lancelot is merely a mortal man, yet he is on a quest that demands that he be immortal. The paper also explores Lancelot’s many flaws which deter his ability to fully embrace his knightly code, and examines how de Troyes exploits the knight’s flaws to fully understand his character and choices. The paper also includes an investigation of how De Troyes uses the knight to explain issues of morality and ethics.
`There is a commonplace phrase that makes the claim that, `the road to hell is paved with good intentions.` Lancelot, the main character in the Knight of the Cart, despite an outward display of unyielding courage is often deceived by his own intelligence and places priority in being a knight above being a knowledgeable person. He’s frequently absent-minded and so concerned with others’ welfare that he often neglects his own. Constantly taking bold action, he fails to realize how often his knightly instincts lead him on a dangerous road. He possesses a great weakness for the love of Guinevere and this propels him to undertake a perilous journey and make many `well-intentioned` choices. In Lancelot: The Knight of the Cart, written by Chretien de Troyes #1497;, Lancelot is portrayed as a modest and magnanimous man. He repeatedly fights for the sake of others and time and time again risks his own life to rescue the queen. Though, he is seemingly a fearless and fierce fighter, de Troyes exploits the knight’s flaws. His imperfect characteristics are the ones which provide for his humanness and ultimately exemplify how even the bravest, strongest and most noble intentioned persons can fall victim to the power of love. Thus, the Knight of the Cart is merely a mortal not a mystical man and is often gullible, foolish and desperate.`