This paper discusses the profitable business which sells books entirely on the internet.

This paper discusses how began, the services that this web-site provides, why this business has been such a success, the software and technology behind and its competitors.
“Regardless of the fact that Jeff Bezos, originator and Chief Executive Officer of had no prior background in the publication business, he recognized the immensely profitable business opportunity available in selling books entirely on the Web (amazoncasestudy.htm). He launched the enterprise in his Seattle, suburban garage as a family business (amazoncasestudy.htm). In the beginning, he packaged the orders and transported them to the post office himself in the family car (amazoncasestudy.htm). According to Bezos, he named the company Amazon because it is the largest river on earth and his desire was for his on-line bookstore to become the largest bookstore on earth (amazoncasestudy.htm).”