Aftermath of Child Molestation

This paper examines the aftermath of child molestation in detail and focuses on the short and long term effects of the crime on the victim.

The following paper discusses the issue of child molestation, a pervasive social issue, which in all cases proves to be psychologically, and emotionally damaging for the victim. The writer examines how child sexual abuse cases have declined somewhat after a sharp rise in the 80s decade but are still a persistent social evil which cannot be ignored because of its profound effect on the victim and his/her family. The paper thus addresses the question of the victim’s recovery and the impact of the incident on people close to him/her.

Background information
Statement of the problem
Purpose of the study
Review of literature
Child molestation or child sexual abuse is a heinous crime, which can be psychologically and emotionally damaging for the young victim. The reason why the healing process at this age takes longer than it would in the case of older victims is because children are cognitively unprepared fro sex. They are thus unable to analyze the actions of the molester and are left in a state of utter confusion, which often includes shame and embarrassment. Thus children are unable to forget the experience or overpower its negative impact and when not treated in time, the scars of sexual abuse can later destroy a person’s adult life and relationships.It is believed that many school aged children in the United States encounter sexual abuse in one form or another but the reason why tens of hundreds of such cases go unreported is because of the embarrassment of the victim which often doesn’t allow him to discuss the situation with anyone and the threat of dire consequences often given by offenders.