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This paper discusses the Republic of Zimbabwe, a country in South Africa formerly called Rhodesia or Southern Rhodesia, before it achieved independence from Great Britain.

This paper discusses that Zimbabwe’s financial problems are tied to a serious and controversial internal problem regarding ownership of land that has had a significant negative impact on the country’s major industry, agriculture. The author relates that South Africa, which provides Zimbabwe with most of its power and water, has threatened to cut off supplies of those resources if President Mugabe does not work with others within his country to stabilize it. The paper states that President Robert Mugabe, whose political roots lie in the liberation efforts of the 1960s, is described as having a strong and even ruthless style of leadership, being anti-Western and distrustful of Western-style capitalism, and dealing harshly with any opposition.

Table of Contents
Major Domestic Issues
Land Issues
Election Fraud
“Zimbabwe has had an interesting history with regard to establishing a democracy. When the country of Rhodesia unilaterally declared its independence from Great Britain, much as the United States did in the 18th century, the country drew up a Constitution. That Constitution gave preference to Whites in a variety of areas, including land ownership. While it was more understandable for this to happen in the late 18th century, when slavery was common in the New World, it’s a little harder to understand in the second half of the 20th Century.”